Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Final European Resupply Cargo Ship Begins Its Journey to The Space Station

Italy & Sicily at Night | International Space Station

NASA ScienceCasts: Perseid Meteors vs the Supermoon

Aurora: Winter season from Aurora Village | Yellowknife, Canada by Astrophotographer O Chul Kwon

ATV Georges LemaƮtre ready for launch! | European Space Agency

Star formation region NGC 2035 | ESO Very Large Telescope

"River in Kazakhstan?" | International Space Station

Solar Dynamics Observatory Captures Lunar Transit Image | NASA

Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia | International Space Station

Bangor, Maine, USA | SkySat-2 | Skybox Imaging

Okavango Delta, Botswana, Africa | International Space Station

Saturday, July 26, 2014

NASA Advocates for Mars Mission to a Packed Room at Comic-Con | io9

"Science Record!": Scene 2 | International Space Station

"Science Record!": Scene 1 | International Space Station

Guam | International Space Station

Apollo 11 Celebration, Next Giant Leap on This Week @NASA

X-STEM Presentation with Former Astronaut Dr. Kathryn Thornton | USA Science & Engineering Festival

The smoky pink core of the Omega Nebula | ESO

Aurora Near Australia: Scene 2 | International Space Station | NASA

Aurora Near Australia: Scene 1 | International Space Station | NASA

NASA's Next Great Leap! | Animated GIF Gallery

Monday, July 21, 2014

NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman: Wild fisheye #SpaceVine timelapse from the #ISS Cupola as we pass over Europe and Asia | International Space Station

NASA Renames Historic Facility in Honor of Neil Armstrong

Looking Back from Apollo 11 | NASA

Destination Moon: The 350-Year History of Lunar Exploration (Infographic) | Space.com

Timeline traces the ideas that led up to the Apollo moon landings.
Source SPACE.com: All about our solar system, outer space and exploration.

Orion Crew Module at the Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building, Kennedy Space Center | NASA

21 Hours on the Moon: The Lunar Landing of Apollo 11

21 Hours on the Moon The Lunar Landing of Apollo 11 #infographic

NASA Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Inside Lunar Module

Apollo 11 Launch: View 4 | NASA

Apollo 11 Launch: View 3 | NASA

Apollo 11 Launch: View 2 | NASA

Apollo 11 Launch: View 1 | NASA

The Apollo 11 Prime Crew | NASA

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Buzz Aldrin C-SPAN Interview on Moon Landing's 45th Anniversary: Aldrin Calls for International Mars Mission

5 Animated NASA Apollo Mission GIFs | TIME Magazine

Moon Phase & Libration | NASA

"45 years ago today these three men inspired the world with their bravery, skill and example; Thanks Mike, Buzz and Neil." -Former Astronaut Chris Hadfield of Canada

LLRV Testing Contributed to Apollo 11's Success | NASA Armstrong

Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV) Test Pilots | NASA

Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV) | Apollo | NASA Armstrong

NASA Armstrong on 1st Moon Landing, Preps For 'Next Giant Leap'

The Journeys of Apollo | NASA

NASA Apollo Program Insignia

NASA Apollo 11 Insignia

The Journeys of Apollo | NASA

The Eagle Prepares to Land! | NASA Apollo 11

CBS Television Coverage of Apollo 11 Lunar Landing anchored by legendary newscaster Walter Cronkite

Restored Apollo 11 Moon Landing EVA Video Footage | NASA

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Buzz Aldrin: Mars is Not a Suicide Mission: Video | Bloomberg Television

NASA's Path to Mars

Brown Dwarfs May Wreak Havoc on Orbits of Nearby Planets, Causing Desolation | Astrobiology Magazine

Reddish Bands on Jupiter's Moon Europa | NASA Galileo Spacecraft

Updated: Antares Orbital-2 Mission Launch Photo Gallery | NASA

Official Orbital-2 Mission Emblem

An Evening with Brig. General & Astronaut Legend James A. McDivitt Air & Space Museum: "To the Railroad and Beyond . . ."

Thin Film Physics | International Space Station

Bistro-nauts | International Space Station

"Orion: Head to Toes" by Rogelio Bernal Andreo

Sunday, July 13, 2014

ESA Astronaut Alexander Gerst of Germany: "Just like our @DFB_Team_EN I have fantastic support from my crew. Congrats from #ISS to the #WorldChamp. Great game!"

Watching World Cup Final | International Space Station

Space Station Live: High Definition Earth Viewing | NASA

NASA TV Launch Video of Orbital-2 Mission to the ISS

Antares Orbital-2 Mission Launch! | NASA

The Orbital Sciences Corporation Antares rocket launches from Pad-0A with the Cygnus spacecraft onboard, Sunday, July 13, 2014, at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The Cygnus spacecraft is filled with over 3,000 pounds of supplies for the International Space Station, including science experiments, experiment hardware, spare parts, and crew provisions. The Orbital-2 mission is Orbital Sciences' second contracted cargo delivery flight to the space station for NASA. | Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Arc Over Earth | International Space Station

Launching from Wallops Island | Landsat 8 Earth Satellite View

Science off the Sphere: Dancing Droplets | ISS

A New View of Europa | National Geographic

Orbital-2 Launch Viewing Map: First Sightings

Antares Rocket & Supermoon | Orbital Sciences

Antares Rocket with Full Supermoon | NASA

International Panel: 4 Women Astronauts | China, Korea, US, Canada

NASA's Space to Ground: 5,000 and Counting: Week of July 11, 2014

This "sky jellyfish creature is a man-made effect"

First Greek Satellite Launched Today (Watch Live) | USA.GreekReporter.com

Your Stories: Retired astronaut Col. Thomas Akers visits Texas County Library at Summersville | Houston Herald

"Orion Deep Wide Field" by Rogelio Bernal Andreo

"Comet McNaught 2009 R1" by Rogelio Bernal Andreo

Dust Plume Over the Red Sea | NASA Terra Satellite

Orbital 2 Mission to the space station previewed | NASA

Briefing previews science and tech cargo for the Orbital-2 Mission

NASA Launches Earth Science Challenges with OpenNEX Cloud Data

NASA Earth Exchange (NEX)

"Spooky sunset" by ESA Astronaut Alexander Gerst | ISS

"The Whisper of the Wind" by Dave Brosha

Today marks 5,000 consecutive days of humans living & working together aboard the International Space Station! | NASA

NASA-engineered treadmill helps patients at Lee Memorial in Fort Myers, Florida | NBC-2.com

Out of an Hours-long Explosion, A Stand-In for the First Stars | NASA

IIT-Bombay student team sets foot on ‘Mars’ in expedition Down Under | The Times of India

"Southern Lights 1" by ESA Astronaut Alexander Gerst | ISS

Antares Rocket with Cygnus Spacecraft: Fog & Full Moon | NASA

ESA Astronaut Alexander Gerst: "Practice grapple with robotic arm"

Landsat Looks to the Moon | NASA

Antares Rocket with Cygnus Spacecraft at Sunrise | NASA

NASA Orion Tech Facts: "The Fastest Computer in NASA History!"

Google Awesome Tribute to History of NASA's Launch Control Center

Canadarm2 Robotic Arm on International Space Station

"Bright meteor over Australia likely a Soyuz rocket re-entry"

Space Station Live: High Definition Earth Viewing | NASA

Orbital Antares Space Vehicle Configuration

Aquarius maps soil moisture on This Week @NASA

Fresh Hope for an Abandoned NASA Spacecraft | IEEE Spectrum

Science off the Sphere: Astro Puffs! | International Space Station

"Twinkling Stars" Observed by ESA Astronaut Alexander Gerst | ISS

"Florida and The Keys" by ESA Astronaut Alexander Gerst | ISS

NASA ScienceCasts: A Summer of Super Moons

How Did NASA Build Communities of Space Lovers? Answer: It’s Written in The Stars | Zipcar

NASA's LCC: Building the Brains of Launch Operations

Redemption for Mission Director of NASA’s New Earth-Sensing Satellite | Slate.com

Elon Musk's Futuristic Spaceport Is Coming to Texas | Businessweek

Arianespace launches O3b satellites on Soyuz rocket mission

NASA’s CTO: Open source software keeps us honest | ITBusiness.ca

Satellite Operators Make the Case For Smart Future Networks | Spacemart.com

A trio of Super Moons is gracing our summer skies | The Weather Network

Government Funding for Space on the Road to Recovery | Spacemart.com

Pre-launch Activities Complete for Supply Mission to ISS | NASA

Antares Rocket Raised on Launch Pad: Timelapse HD Video

Antares Rocket Being Raised on Launch Pad

Antares Rocket with Cygnus Spacecraft at Launch Pad

NASA Spacecraft Observes More Evidence of Dry Ice Gullies on Mars

NASA MESSENGER and STEREO Measurements Open New Window Into High- Energy Processes on the Sun

Antares Rocket with Cygnus Spacecraft Arriving at Launch Pad

Here Are The Robots That Could Be Exploring Space For Us In The Future | iO9.com

Hi-ho! Astronomers discover seven dwarf galaxies | YaleNews

Rosetta: 'Spuds in space' | BBC

After Early Difficulties, ESA-led Mercury Mission on Track for 2016 Launch | SpaceNews.com

Sun-like Stars Reveal Their Ages | Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

"Noctilucent Clouds over London" Video by Christoph Malin

Noctilucent Clouds over London | Astronomy Picture of The Day

Sunrise in Brisbane, Australia Shows Planet-size Sunspots!

LightSail-1 Mission Trailer | The Planetary Society

Mars: 3D view of Hellespontus Montes | DLR

Mars: Color plan view of Hellespontus Montes | DLR

Mars: Perspective view of Hellespontus Montes | ESA

NASA’s Newest Near Earth Network Antenna Is Operational | International Space Fellowship

Astronomers invite you to help name exoplanets and their stars | EarthSky

Bigelow Hires 2 Former NASA Astronauts | Parabolic Arc

Wide field image of the region around two merging galaxies in SDSS J1531+3414 (ground based telescope)

Panning across merging galaxies and a string of star formation in SDSS J1531+3414 | Hubble Space Telescope

Zooming in on merging galaxies and a string of star formation in SDSS J1531+3414 | Hubble Space Telescope

Antares Rocket Rollout | NASA

Solar Flare Creates CME Headed for Mars | NASA SDO

Buzz Aldrin makes the case for a one-way manned mission to Mars | Los Angeles Times

Hubblecast: Merging galaxies and droplets of starbirth

Hubble Spots Spiral Bridge of Young Stars Linking Two Ancient Galaxies: 100,000-light-year-long star structure

Antares Rocket Fairing Installed | NASA

NASA Took a Bunch of Middle Schoolers on a Field Trip to Mars | CoExist.com

Prototype Robot With Smartphone to Test 3-D Mapping, Navigation Inside Space Station | NASA

Giant merging elliptical galaxies | Hubble Space Telescope

Space Probe Might Lack Nitrogen to Push It Home | The New York Times

Satellite launch company FireFly aims to lighten costs | Phys.org

How Wheel Damage Affects Mars Rover Curiosity's Mission | Space.com

NASA Scientists Answer Top Space Weather Questions: Part 2

NASA Scientists Answer Top Space Weather Questions: Part 1

Singing Solar Shockwave Confirms Voyager Is In Interstellar Space | Forbes

Skybox Imaging successfully launches its SkySat-2 Earth observation satellite | 9to5Google

ESA Astronaut Alexander Gerst Spots Fires in Eastern Africa | ISS

Solar Fireworks Flare Creates CME Headed for Mars! | NASA SDO

Soyuz Capsule Periscope: Internal View of Space Station | ESA

Soyuz TMA-12M Capsule Periscope | European Space Agency

Soyuz TMA-12M Capsule Periscope | European Space Agency

How to create a bill of rights for Mars colonies | BBC

Discovered: Titan's Magic Island | The Planetary Society

The Lure of Europa | The Planetary Society

NASA shake test for the Saturn V rocket looked ridiculous but it worked | Gizmodo

NASA's Zombie Spacecraft Learns to Fire Its Engines | The Atlantic

What PH astronaut Chino Roque will bring to space | Inquirer Global Nation

Russia's Angara rocket 'makes debut' | BBC

Robots Will Garden in Space | NatureWorldNews.com

Planet Earth from Orbit | International Space Station | HD

The Eagle has risen: Stellar spire in the Eagle Nebula | Hubble

Are we there yet? | European Space Agency's Rosetta Comet Mission

Thursday, July 10, 2014

#Apollo45: Where were you when Apollo 11 Landed on the Moon?

The dwarf galaxy UGC 5189A, site of the supernova SN 2010jl

Artist’s impression of dust formation around a supernova explosion

Russia's Angara completes its maiden mission | Russianspaceweb

Venus Express plunging into atmosphere | European Space Agency

Will Venus Express Spacecraft Crash or Keep Decoding Planet's Secrets? | Nat Geo Space

3-D Printed Model of Homunculus Nebula Around Eta Carinae | NASA

Astronomers Develop New Shape Model for Doomed Star's Outburst

Astronomers Bring Third Dimension to a Doomed Star's Outburst

Space Junk Where is it? How Big is it?

SPOT 7 Next-Gen Earth Observation Satellite Imagery of Fiji Islands

Gliese 832c: The Closest Potentially Habitable Exoplanet

First SPOT 7 imagery released: Next-Gen Earth Observation Satellite

Scientists Create First Full 3D Model of Eta Carinae Nebula | NASA

Cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev Catches Mount Etna Volcano Eruption

Mercury iron might be the result of cosmic collision | ZME Science

"More Earth cloud shadows" by ESA Astronaut Alexander Gerst | ISS

In Effort to Shift Abandoned NASA Craft, a Hiccup (or Burp) | NYTimes.com

Sally Ride EarthKAM: Take Snapshots of Earth from Space for Free

Teacher uses astronaut training to ignite interest in math, science | KCTV5.com

Astronaut Alexander Gerst Admits Earth Can Look "Creepy" in Orbit

Astronaut Alexander Gerst Reports Typhoon Neoguri Looks Weaker

"Electric-Blue Sunrise" by Michael Zavyalov

M-Class Solar Flare Eruption From Unexpected Source | NASA SDO

Astronaut Alexander Gerst Spots "Amazing Islands" from Orbit | ISS

"Flying through Aurora" | International Space Station

ESA Astronaut Alexander Gerst Waves to Earth from Space Station

"An Orbital Sunrise"

"Earth's Atmosphere" by ESA Astronaut Alexander Gerst | ISS

"Cloud Shadows" by ESA Astronaut Alexander Gerst | ISS

Astronaut Alexander Gerst Nears Typhoon Neoguri on Space Station

Water Shaped Mars' Highlands, New Map Shows | Space.com

NASA Renaming Historic Florida Facility for 1st Moonwalker Neil Armstrong | Yahoo! News UK

Aldrin backs #Apollo45 campaign to commemorate moon landing

Astronaut Alexander Gerst Captures Neoguri's Eye on Space Station

Typhoon Neoguri in the East China Sea | NASA Aqua

Supermassive black hole blows molecular gas out of a galaxy at one million kilometers per hour | ScienceDaily

Iridescent Clouds over Thamserku

Saturn's Vortex and Rings | NASA Cassini Mission

Google 3D smartphones head to space to help NASA SPHERES robots | CBC.ca

"Fighting Dragons of Ara" by Michael Sidonio

The Zodiacal Light and other reflections on the Oregon Coast

Small satellite research centre developed by engineering students in Bangalore | IBNLive

Satellite pictures of airports reveal their amazing complexity | Gizmodo

Journey to the Centre of the Earth Infographic | Visualistan.com

Nukuoro Atoll, Micronesia | International Space Station

"Earth Painting": Drilling platforms on northern Caspian Sea | ISS

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Artist's view of the liftoff of Ariane 5 with ATV-5 | ESA

This is the actual hack that saved the astronauts of the Apollo XIII | Gizmodo.com

Soviet Buran Space Shuttle Moves to New Display Site | Astrowatch.net

Farewell Lutetia | European Space Agency

How Pinoy astronaut is preparing for space flight | ABS-CBNNews.com

Aquarius Satellite Returns Global Maps of Soil Moisture | NASA

Aquarius Satellite Returns Global Maps of Soil Moisture | NASA

Pegasus Barge to begin renovations for SLS core shipping | NASASpaceFlight.com

NASA Recreates Odor of Saturn's Moon Titan - D-brief | DiscoverMagazine.com

Mars Guide Video: A Revealing Landslide in Hebes Chasma | NASA

Mars Guide: A Revealing Landslide in Hebes Chasma | NASA MRO

How big is NASA's Orion Crew Multipurpose Vehicle?

Typhoon Neoguri (Pacific Ocean) | NASA Terra Satellite

Models of Men Used to Make Seats for Mercury Astronauts | NASA

"Star Trails from India" by Ajay Talwar

Sweeping Solar Arches & Loops | Video | NASA SDO

Sweeping Solar Arches & Loops | Animated GIF | NASA SDO

NASA and Bermuda join to promote scientific exploration in schools | Bermuda Sun

NASA's RapidScat Unveils Hidden Cycles of Earth's Wind & Waves

Saturn's Splendor | NASA Cassini Mission

New NASA Rocket Will Let Humans 'Boldly Go' Into Deep Space | The Huffington Post UK

Sun Sends More 'Tsunami' Waves to Voyager 1 | NASA

Rosetta mission one month from historic comet arrival | Spaceflight Now

Aquarius/SAC-D Mission Logo | NASA-CONAE

Aquarius Satellite Returns Global Maps of Soil Moisture | NASA

Retired spaceflight engineer and team bring back to life a 3-decade-old spacecraft | The Washington Post

Top Chinese space scientist hopes to send rover ‘better than Jade Rabbit’ to Mars | South China Morning Post

How NASA reinvented the tortilla, and other tales of food in space | CNET