Thursday, June 26, 2014

Video Interview of NASA JPL Engineer Adam Steltzner: And You Think Parallel Parking is Hard? | The Atlantic

"Magic at La Palma" by Miguel Claro

New NASA/NOAA Animations Reveal Water Vapor Over Oceans | SciTechDaily

"The Milky Way, Light Pollution & Clouds" by Miguel Claro

NASA Space Rover Testing Under Alaskan Ice | National Geographic

NASA's chief space technologist says 'we're going to take some risks' to get to Mars

NASA Goddard Goes to Mars with MAVEN Mission

Parachutes for NASA's Orion Spacecraft Hit No Snags in Most Difficult Test

Most-Difficult Orion Parachute Test | NASA

Dublin, Ireland at Night | International Space Station

Dr. Ellen Ochoa: NASA Astronaut/Center Director | In Her Own Words

The VLT’s Artificial Star | European Southern Observatory

IXV during the last preparations | European Space Agency

French exoplanet mission ends after seven years | Spaceflight Now

WFIRST/AFTA Astrophysics Mission: Bigger & better for exoplanets | Presenter: Tom Greene, NASA Ames

ATV shielding after impact test | European Space Agency

Capital Hill, Canberra, ACT, Australia | Earth | Satellite

Earth's ever-changing magnetic field | European Space Agency

NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman Conducting CFE-2 Experiment | ISS

ESA Astronaut Alexander Gerst Conducting CFE-2 Experiment | ISS

The Hercules Cluster of Galaxies | Astronomy Picture of The Day

A curious supernova in NGC 2441 | Hubble Space Telescope

Aurora Borealis, The Moon & Moscow | International Space Station

Russian Progress 55 Resupply Vehicle | International Space Station

Artist's view of the IXV mission | European Space Agency

From oldest to youngest: a line of star nurseries | ESA

Clouds and Sunglint over Indian Ocean | NASA Space Shuttle

Color Mosaic of Olympus Mons Volcano on Mars | NASA Viking

Perseus A: Mysterious X-ray Signal Intrigues Astronomers | NASA

NASA ScienceCasts: NASA to Launch Carbon Observatory

The Iris Nebula in a Field of Dust | Astronomy Picture of the Day

Next stop - Mars: China aims to send rover to Red Planet within six years | South China Morning Post

"The Milky Way National Park" by Miguel Claro

"Vortex: Contemplating the Stars" by Miguel Claro

"Valentine's Aurora" by Phil Hart

Asteroid Initiative: Practicing for a Future Mission | NASA

Testing a New Spacesuit for an Asteroid Spacewalk | NASA

Titan's Building Blocks Might Pre-date Saturn | NASA JPL

“Bioluminescence & Stars” by Phil Hart of Australia

NASA's Ellen Stofan: 'Our plan is to colonize Mars' | The Guardian UK | Science Weekly Interview (Audio)

Persistent Saturnian Auroras | Astronomy Picture of The Day

Four Lasers over Mauna Kea | Astronomy Picture of The Day

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hubble Space Telescope: Zoom into GOODS field containing distant dwarf galaxies forming stars at an incredible rate

Hubble Space Telescope: GOODS field containing distant dwarf

Bursts of star formation in the dwarf galaxies of the early Universe | Hubble Space Telescope

NASA’s MESSENGER Spots Giant Space Weather Effects at Mercury | My Science Academy

Storm Cell Over the Southern Appalachian Mountains | NASA

Who Was Hugh Dryden? by Amy Shira Teitel | NASA History

Gorgeous Amateur Time Lapse of Jupiter Re-enacts Voyager Flyby | io9

Super-Earth or mini-Neptune? Planetary researcher uses SOFIA to observe exoplanet transit | German Aerospace Center/DLR

NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman: "I will never tire of this view." | International Space Station

NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman: "Look close – Sasha and @OlegMKS are hanging on the outside." | International Space Station

Stunning Night Sky Images: Earth & Sky Photo Contest 2014 | The World at Night (TWAN)

Stunning Night Sky Images: Earth & Sky Photo Contest 2014 from Babak Tafreshi on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

NASA Changes Worry Tucson Planetary Science | AZ Illustrated

AZ Illustrated Featured Kaleidoscopic Look at Bradbury, Famous Sci-Fi Writer

Water-building molecule in Helix Nebula | ESA

Sunrise over the VLT | European Southern Observatory

Evolution of the light echo around V838 Monocerotis | Hubble

International Space Station Crew Member Astronaut Reid Wiseman Discusses Life in Space | NASA

Check out this 2-minute clip about the International Space University's Space Studies Program 2014 (SSP14) in Montreal on CTV News

"Temporal Distortion" by Randy Halverson | HD 1080p Video

Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2: NASA's New Carbon Counter

Swimming with Ice Cubes | Landsat 8 Satellite

National Stadium of Brasília | International Space Station

Monday, June 16, 2014

Naples, Florida, USA | Earth | Satellite

Cosmonauts & Astronauts: Dinner Fun! | International Space Station

The James Webb Space Telescope by Peter Cullen ('Optimus Prime')

Mercury in Front of the Sun, Seen From Mars | NASA Curiosity Rover

Mercury Transit of the Sun, Seen From Mars | NASA Curiosity Rover

Spurting Plasma on The Sun | Video | NASA

Spurting Plasma on The Sun | NASA

NASA Experiments Recreate Aromatic Flavors of Titan

Cracks in Pluto's Moon Charon Could Indicate it Once Had an Underground Ocean

NASA Hubble to Search Beyond Pluto for New Horizons Mission

NASA Anniversary: First Ever American Spacewalk | June 3rd, 1965

Necklaces of solar activity | European Space Agency

A ticket to NASA | The Hindu

Mars Guide Video: A Large Crater in Meridiani Planum | NASA MRO

Mars Guide: A Large Crater in Meridiani Planum | NASA MRO