Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"Flying Beans!" | International Space Station

"Small satellite deployment" | International Space Station

The State of NASA on This Week @NASA

NASA's Space to Ground: The Cable Guys: Week of 2/6/15

Curly-Q Filament Blast on The Sun | NASA SDO

Substantial Coronal Hole on The Sun | NASA SDO

Three Moons Crossing Jupiter: Europa, Callisto and Io | Hubble

March of the moons at Jupiter | Hubble Space Telescope

Southern India by Night | International Space Station

Southern India & Sri Lanka by Day | NASA Gemini 11

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Inmarsat I-5 F2 Satellite: Russian Proton Rocket Launch

The Trifid Nebula: Wide field infrared view

The Trifid Nebula: Video comparison in visible and infrared light

Zooming in on The Trifid Nebula: 2 new Cepheid variable stars

The Trifid Nebula: Comparison in visible and infrared light

New view of Trifid Nebula reveals hidden variable stars

African Landscape | International Space Station

Tropical Cyclone Ola | NASA Terra Satellite

Tropical Cyclone Ola | EUMETSAT

Daydreaming with Aurora Borealis | International Space Station