Monday, April 25, 2022

Interstellar Transportation: A Vision of Our Future

Interstellar Transportation: A Vision of Our Future

The Limitless Space Institute (LSI) is pleased to present the short inspirational-educational film titled “Go Incredibly Fast”. 

The purpose of this short film is to identify the perennial time-distance problem of human space exploration beyond Mars and to identify a few propulsion approaches we might utilize to send humans to all the worlds in our solar system and reach out across the vast distances between stars. The spacecraft architectures highlighted in the film are nuclear electric propulsion (known physics, known engineering), fusion propulsion (known physics, unknown engineering), and finally space warps (unknown physics, unknown engineering). 

This film is targeted for a broad audience with the purpose of triggering interest to dig deeper and learn more—there really is much more to know and learn. There are other approaches that might be utilized to great effect as well such as solar sails, beamed energy propulsion, anti-matter propulsion to name but a few—the film is just the tip of the iceberg! 

We hope you enjoy the film, and if it leaves you inspired to learn more, take action…enabling bold exploration of our outer solar system and the stars is an all-hands-on-deck challenge.


The LSI Team

"Go Incredibly Fast" Credits: 

Directed by Erik Wernquist

Written by Erik Wernquist & Harold “Sonny” White

Narrated by Harold “Sonny” White

Music by Cristian Sandquist

Visuals compositing by Erik Wernquist & Andreas Wicklund

Titles and Graphics by Erik Wernquist & Mikael Hall

IXS Enterprise Starship design by Mark Rademaker & Harold “Sonny” White

IXS Enterprise Starship model by Mark Rademaker

Other Starship and Spacecraft designs by Erik Wernquist

Other Starship and Spacecraft models by Erik Wernquist & Svante Segelsson

Narration and Sound Recording by Fro Cespedes

Credit: Limitless Space Institute/Erik Wernquist

Duration: 4 minutes, 39 seconds

Release Date: April 24, 2022

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