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Spacewalkers Oleg Artemyev & Denis Matveev | International Space Station

Spacewalkers Oleg Artemyev & Denis Matveev | International Space Station

Russian cosmonauts Oleg Artemyev and Denis Matveev of Roscosmos completed their major objectives in which they installed and connected a control panel for the European robotic arm, a 37-foot-long manipulator system mounted to the recently arrived Nauka multipurpose laboratory module on April 18, 2022. They also removed protective covers from the arm and installed handrails on Nauka. The arm will be used to move spacewalkers and payloads around the Russian segment of the station.

Artemyev and Matveev concluded their spacewalk after 6 hours and 37 minutes.

This was the fourth spacewalk in Artemyev’s career, and the first for Matveev. It will be the fourth spacewalk at the station in 2022 and the 249th spacewalk for space station assembly, maintenance, and upgrades.

During the next Russian spacewalk scheduled for Thursday, April 28, the duo will jettison thermal blankets used to protect the arm during its July 2021 launch with Nauka. They will also flex the arm’s joints, release launch restraints, and monitor the arm’s ability to use two grapple fixtures.

Additional spacewalks are planned to continue outfitting the European robotic arm and to activate Nauka’s airlock for future spacewalks.

Two spacewalkers from Roscosmos are pictured on either side of the Nauka multipurpose laboratory module as the International Space Station (ISS) orbits 260 miles above the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Conakry, the capitol of Guinea. 

Cosmonauts (from left) Denis Matveev and Oleg Artemyev worked outside the station's Russian segment for six hours and 37 minutes outfitting Nauka and configuring the European robotic arm.

Cosmonauts (from left) Denis Matveev and Oleg Artemyev 

Cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev waves to the camera while working outside the Nauka multipurpose laboratory module 

Expedition 66/67 Integrated Crew (April 2022)

Commander: Thomas Marshburn (NASA-U.S.)

Roscosmos (Russia) Flight Engineers: Oleg Artemyev, Sergey Korsakov, Denis Matveev

European Space Agency (ESA) Flight Engineer Matthias Maurer (DLR/German Aerospace Center)

NASA (U.S.) Flight Engineers: Raja Chari, Kayla Barron

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM)

An international partnership of space agencies provides and operates the elements of the International Space Station (ISS). The principals are the space agencies of the United States, Russia, Europe, Japan, and Canada. The ISS has been the most politically complex space exploration program ever undertaken.

Credit: NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC)

Image Date: April 18, 2022

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