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NASA Flight Director Pooja Jesrani | Johnson Space Center

NASA Flight Director Pooja Jesrani | Johnson Space Center

“There had been less than 100 flight directors in NASA’s history, and we just selected our newest class which brought us up to 101. I am the 15th female."

“On your first shift, when you’re in charge of the International Space Station by yourself, it’s your naming shift. It’s a really cool tradition where we’re able to invite all of our family and friends. It’s a big, momentous occasion for the Flight Director’s Office because all of us have a team name."

“Mine is Unity."

“I wanted something to resemble teamwork for the fact that Mission Control is a really big team. Though I’m a Flight Director and the leader of that team, especially in Houston, I’m not significant unless there is a team behind me. Unity was the symbol I wanted because no matter how many different pieces there are to the puzzle, we all have to act as one. One in terms of being there for the safety of the crew, the safety of the vehicle, and mission success."

"I went to Mexico City a few years back, and I saw a quote on a wall that said, 'I am, because we are.' I really resonated with that because I am who I am—I am a Flight Director—because we are. We as a team, we all sit here together. We all do this mission together."

– Pooja Jesrani, Flight Director, Johnson Space Center

Image Credit: NASA/Norah Moran 

Caption Credit: NASA/Tahira Allen 

Release Date: May 20, 2021

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