Sunday, May 12, 2024

Shenzhou-18 Crew Conducts Scientific Experiments | China Space Station

Shenzhou-18 Crew Conducts Scientific Experiments | China Space Station

The Shenzhou-18 astronaut crew have been carrying out a series of tasks and science experiments aboard China's Tiangong Space Station, according to a video released by the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) on Saturday, May 11, 2024.

The crew installed adapter cables of a combustion solenoid valve, an observation device for the study on fluid mixing in a microgravity environment, and a unit for nucleic acid experiments.

The video also showed the astronauts transferring and unpackaging supplies, doing physical exercises and receiving cognitive ability tests.

The three Chinese astronauts Ye Guangfu, Li Cong and Li Guangsu were sent to the orbiting Tiangong space station for a six-month mission on April 25, 2024.

During their stay in space, the Shenzhou-18 astronauts will carry out more than 90 experiments, two to three extravehicular activities (EVAs), and implement six cargo outbound deliveries via the station's cargo airlock module. 

The trio will witness the arrival of the Tianzhou-8 cargo craft and later welcome the Shenzhou-19 crewed spaceship to the space station.

Shenzhou-18 Crew:

Ye Guangfu (叶光富, commander)

Li Cong (李聪, mission specialist)

Li Guangsu (李广苏, mission specialist)

Video Credit: China Central Television (CCTV)

Duration: 1 minute, 32 seconds

Release Date: May 12, 2024

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