Thursday, July 04, 2024

Axiom Thruster Vacuum Testing: "And the rockets’ (blue) glare!" | Axiom Space

Axiom Thruster Vacuum Testing: "And the rockets’ (blue) glare!" | Axiom Space

Axiom Space’s Propulsion Team conducted a Thruster Vacuum Test—over 600 starts on the thruster with the longest continuous burn time at 3 minutes. This test validates design, function, and performance. Vacuum testing is important because it simulates the space environment the thruster will ultimately operate in.

"Axiom Space is building for beyond, guided by the vision of a thriving home in space that benefits every human, everywhere. The leading provider of human spaceflight services and developer of human-rated space infrastructure, Axiom Space operates end-to-end missions to the International Space Station today while developing its successor, Axiom Station—the world’s first commercial space station in low-Earth orbit, which will sustain human growth off the planet and bring untold benefits back home." 

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Video Credit: Axiom Space

Duration: 22 seconds

Release Date: July 4, 2024

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