Thursday, December 15, 2022

Geminid Meteor

Geminid Meteor

The Geminids meteor shower, which peaks during mid-December each year, is considered to be one of the best and most reliable annual meteor showers. The Geminids did not start out that way. The Geminids first began appearing in the mid-1800s. However, the first showers were not noteworthy with only 10 to 20 meteors seen per hour. Since that time, the Geminids have grown to become one of the major meteor showers of the year. During its peak, 120 Geminid meteors can be seen per hour under perfect conditions. The Geminids are bright and fast meteors and tend to be yellow in color.

Fast Facts
Origin3200 Phaethon (an asteroid or a possible "rock comet")
RadiantConstellation Gemini
ActiveNov. 19-Dec. 24, 2022 (Peak Dec. 14)
Peak Activity Meteor CountApproximately 120 meteors per hour
Meteor Velocity79,000 mph (127,000 kph) or 22 miles per second (35 kilometers per second)

The Astrophotographer | Chris: "One day before its actual peak, I could capture a single meteor of this year's Geminids."

Technical Information: 

Nikon D750 on tripod with AF-S 20mm f/1.8

Location: Austria

Image Credit: Chris on Flickr

Image Date: December 12, 2022

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