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"Celebrating the Legacy of The US Delta Rocket Program" | United Launch Alliance

"Celebrating the Legacy of The US Delta Rocket Program" | United Launch Alliance

"Following more than 60 years of lifting historic missions to space and becoming a pillar in American rocketry, the Delta program is coming to a close with its final launch. Here is a look back at examples of its groundbreaking firsts and iconic missions launched on Delta rockets."

"Delta quickly established its record of excellence in the 1960s launching Ekko—the world's first communication satellite, Tyros, the first space-based weather observatory, and NASA's Pioneer and Explorer scientific spacecraft."

"The introduction of the Delta 2 rocket on Valentine's Day 1989 ushered in the GPS era—a capability that improves life on Earth every day from navigation to banking, agriculture and beyond. The Beloved Delta 2 earned its place in history with 155 flights with eight of those missions to Mars for NASA including the Spirit and Opportunity rovers."

"The Delta program's commitment to vehicle improvement to meet customer needs culminated in the Delta 4 family of launch vehicles with a wide range of increased capabilities delivering missions for the space force, the national reconnaissance office, NASA, and commercial clients."

"Every Delta 4 launch has been successful as America's trusted heavy lifter. The triple barrel Delta 4 heavy launched NASA's first Orion spacecraft on an uncrewed Moon mission and sent NASA's Parker Solar Probe to surf the atmosphere of our Sun." 

"The 16th and final flight of the Delta 4 heavy rocket carries the National Reconnaissance Office's NROL70, capping off the incredible legacy of this program."

Learn more about the United Launch Alliance Delta 4 heavy rocket: 

Video Credit: United Launch Alliance (ULA)
Duration: 1 minute, 51 seconds
Release Date: March 28, 2024

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