Thursday, May 19, 2022

NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Finds "Curiosities"—New May 2022 Images | JPL

NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Finds "Curiosities"—New May 2022 Images | JPL

May 18, 2022: Mission Update: "Despite the incredibly rough terrain surrounding Mirador butte, our nearly 10-year-old rover successfully drove a net distance forward ~10 meters and ~2 meters in elevation!

Not only did the Sol 3476 drive succeed, but placed us perfectly in front of the most beautiful laminated outcrop, a true canvas of Martian art painted by nature herself. Evidence of possible cross-bedding and fine-scale laminations here are so interesting there was an initial question of whether we should stay for extra contact science opportunities or keep with our plan to drive away on the first sol of this plan. It was decided to keep our drive planned for Sol 3478, which sparked an energized discussion on which types of science we could fit in the limited time we have before continuing forward . . ." 

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Mission Name: Mars Science Laboratory (MSL)

Rover Name: Curiosity

Main Job: To determine if Mars was ever habitable to microbial life. 

Launch: November 6, 2011

Landing: August 5, 2012, Gale Crater, Mars

Image & Caption Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/2di7 & titanio44/Kevin Gill

Image Release Dates: May 16-18, 2022

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